Good news! We will be re-opening on Sunday 9 May 2021.


During 2009, a survey was conducted by Western Mail where Pennant Car Boot Sale was voted as one of the top five sales in all of Wales.  Visitors often comment on the friendly, relaxed atmosphere at Pennant Car Boot Sale.  

Recycling of resources and materials has become an important element of modern living and a Car Boot Sale is probably one of the most successful centres for recycling in the community.  The modern world has sadly become characterised as a 'throw-away society' and it is hoped that car boot sales go some way towards reversal of this trend.
Obviously, the earth's resources are finite.  If an item can be re-used or it's constituent materials can be re-cycled then clearly, any activity which encourages this is to be applauded.
At Pennant, many parents have been observed buying toys and clothing for their children which cost a fraction of the new price. Once used tools and equipment, household items and leisure items are offered for sale to be employed by a second user rather than being thrown away.
Benefits to the environment are obvious, monetary savings to low-income groups are significant and there are other spin-offs such as the social element where people come together on a regular basis.
Less obvious benefits include spending time in the open countryside and an opportunity for families and all age groups to engage with each other.
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